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    How to breathe green and relax

    Version 3

    Feeling stressed?

    RELAX! But how?

    Take a walk in the park or even better in the wood!

    Whenever I feel stressed or tired or even want to give myself a break from the daily routine, I grab my comfy sneakers and put myself into the green.

    The fresh air, the loneliness, the sounds of the birds and trees in the wind calm down my senses. As my eyes enjoy the relaxing green, my mind eases and starts to daydream big time!

    First established as a healthy habit to cure and keep my back in shape it is now a fixed part of my schedule. The more stress, the more walk I have to do. I am taking that time, even if it is only some 35 minutes of Me-Time.

    Rain? Cold? Darkness? Afterwork-fatigue?


    There is always a good excuse and of course I am a kind of comfort-loving person too….

    But there is always an answer too like for bad weather there are lots of functional pants and jackets nowadays, which keep you warm and even make you look good. (Hosenfoto, Regenjacke)

    Darkness….well I take it as a challenge to face my fears and use a headlight to lighten my steps. Or you might look for a walking-buddy, e.g. I force my husband sometimes if I am too scary. Good for him too to add some extra steps to his day. (Fuel band link?)

    A walk in the moonlight can be even more inspiring and adds some magic to your life.

    Feeling tired after work is my biggest obstacle. I feel so lazy and going outside seems impossible…Do you know that situation?

    Try this!

    1. Concentrate on the good feeling I know I will have after the walk. The fatigue is gone and my mind is relaxed and had time to “digest” the topics of the day.

    2. Plan the walk in advance and put it into my Calendar with a reminder. My comfy walking dress and shoes are already in my sight, because I put them there the evening before.

    3. Just take on your shoes and try ten minutes of walking. It is easier to convince yourself for a ten minutes …or even five than for an hour of running.  Most of the time as soon as you started, you will continue and even go for an hour.

    The best way to fight laziness is to move your body!



    What about you? Do you also have a ritual against stress? I am looking forward to your ideas and tricks