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    How my dream became a plan

    Dream to Plan

    Surprise, surprise!

    All of a sudden, four weeks ago I was struck again by my dream. Just pack my stuff and go kitesurfing, without any limit of time and space and money and peoples’ opinion what was good for me, my life, my back.

    Suddenly it was clear to me, I will travel, alone, with my kite and backpack, following the wind in Southeast Asia! No more dreaming, no more foggy far away ideas, no more “if-if-if”-lot of planning ahead! All the fears and obstructive thoughts just gone at once!



    What will my husband say? What will my parents say? My sister and brother? My company?

    My friends? My cat (..not really)?

    And how will I feel about their reaction? Will I be a pushover and give in to the nay bashers?

    Will I be able to stay away from home for half a year? Will I be able to save enough money-before and during my travel?

    What if I loose my job? My husband? My home? What if my cat Lucky is angry on me when I come back?

    How will I feel when I come back?

    Passikudah Beach

    Passikudah Beach

    What seemed to be an abstract never coming true dream, is now possible. I simply face my fears and let them be who they are.

    I know that if I believe in my own strength I can manage any problem, I will always find a solution. Why?

    I believe in myself! Have to…

    Kappalady Beach

    Kappalady Beach

    (since this is not my strongest feature I have put little memo- sentences into my phone. Just to remind me every day to “just begin”, “think big”, go on” etc.)

    After another painful physiotherapy session and lots of doubts whether I could ever again do any of the sports I like, I was so sick of it all. My life dealt about making me fit for my job, lots of therapy and painful back ache for more than two years now. I did not want to live a “limited life” any more. I know that I could do anything I ever wanted- even with a “rotten spine”.

    I have studied and worked and done all that was expected, on top had to cope with a lot of emotional and physical pain- now it is MY turn.  2016 will become my year! Six months doing whatever I like every f… day!!

    Bali wisdom

    Bali wisdom


    So much looking forward to:


    -No clock waking me up before dawn

    -No schedule keeping me from doing things I like

    -No nightshift keeping me awake when my body needs rest

    -following my own routine 24/7

    -sleep as much as I can whenever I want to

    -eat delicious food whenever I want to

    -being responsible for no one else but me

    -being outside in the nature any time

    -find the voice of my heart and LISTEN to it

    -meet like-minded co-traveller

    -indulge in any foreign culture I like to

    -make new friends from different countries

    -catch up some Asian relaxed spirit

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    What about you? What about your dreams?

    Looking forward to your comments!