How to be 39 and happy?

Happy at 39

The last two weeks were pretty crazy. Although nothing serious happened to me there were some little incidents, which could have put me into a big depression. My 39th birthday… and still no plan about life. Almost lost my husband, my cat and myself last week. A tire of my car deflated this morning at 100km/h. That was pretty much a bad start into the day.

But somehow life is great!

“You are so powerful”,” You are brave”, “You are so optimistic and authentic” , … looks like nothing can bring me down.

Well, I have PMS- chocolate attacks, wrinkles, love handles, grey hair and even pimples!

I have struggles if I am good enough at my job, caring enough for my friends and family, and if my back will not break again. Am I living a responsible life? Do I give my best in all areas every day? (Of course not, who does?)…What am I here for? Am I really contributing to others peoples` lives the best I can? I will not annoy you with the numerous little every day fears …I think everyone has.

But still I am a happy person- and here is why

  1. I do not believe in diets any more. The only thing they  slim down is your wallet. It is so much better to eat real tasty food cooked by yourself. And no, there is and will never be that magic pill! It is not the butter nor the pasta nor the bananas that grow you fat!39 and happy
  2. I do not use a dozens of anti age wrinkle- anti cellulite and “thismakesyousomuchprettier but costsafortune” beauty products. After 6 months with only coconut oil for my face and hardly any make up, I feel pretty natural and beautiful without them. I think we are all victims of the cosmetic industry. We should be younger, fitter, prettier all the time… f.. it!  Soap and oil – as simple as that.
  3. I am creative instead of shopping unconsciously. Whenever I am feeling that shopping impulse I am asking myself what is missing. Often I am just tired or stressed by something. So I go for a walk and take pictures, or light some candles and have a chat with a good friend.39 and happy
  4. I have no TV. No bad news which I cannot change, no commercials which make me buy stuff I do not need, no time I am just killing.
  5. I do not use plastic bags and try to reduce my waste. This brings me back to nature and makes me just happy.
  6. I have a cat. A purring little fur ball. Lucky love.39 and happy
  7. I read books. A lot. If someone payed me for that this I would be paidtoexist.39 and happy
  8. I had (and will have) major life events like anyone else. But I have survived them all and I know I will stand up again sooner or later. In a major crisis I stick to my routine of getting enough sleep (this is soooo essential), eating healthy and walking in the wood. Because I have no power to cope with anything when I am tired and worn out. If anyone or anything needs your help, do not forget to take care of yourself too.
  9. Have a glass or wine or some real good chocolate occasionally. I really enjoy it!39 and happy
  10. I love myself for just being myself. Of course I do not manage this every minute. But I do not listen to that inner naybasher all the time. Yes, I hear you. It is ok! Calm down and keep doing whatever makes you happy. There is no need to be a goal in everything you do! Most of the time there is just fear for no reason. If you think your fears are blocking you, here is very good exercise: Write down your biggest fears and the worst case scenario. Then think about it. Most of it will never happen. And even if, it is never as bad as your nay basher imagined. Lost my job- found a new one. Even better. Had a spinal nerve compression– I am kitesurfing with no pain. Had a 6 month solo trip- still married.39 and happy
  11. I have a morning routine.
  12. I do as much as I can of the things that make me happy. I work less, I earn less. I love my job. I have more time. You can always have more money, but you will never have more life-time.
  13. I am. Just feeling the pure joy of being.


and sometimes I am not happy– and that’s ok too!

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